Japanese classes

We support a multi-culture friendly city through volunteerism. We have Japanese classes and various events for foreigners. Come and join us!

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  Time Place Fee
Sunday 10:00~11:30am Uzumo community center 1,000yen/
Sunday (3times/month) 10:00~11:30am Hasaki Shogaigakusyu center
Sunday (3times/month) 2:00~3:30pm Wakamatsu Kominkan
Tuesday (3times/month) 7:00~8:30pm
Tuesday 1:30~3:00pm Onohara community center
Tuesday 7:15~8:45pm
Wednesday 19:00~20:30am Wakamatsu Kominkan
Wednesday (3times/month) 10:30~12:00am Josei/Kodomo center
*Place may be changed.
*Please apply for the class at each classroom. 
*Please come to the class 15 minutes in advance when visiting for the first time.


Ordinary domestic waste is collected as a free service provided by local municipalities. Separate the garbage as follows;

(1) Burnable Trash
(2) Non-burnable Trash
(3) Recyclable/reusable Items
(4) Hazardous/Harmful Trash
(5) Large-sized Trash
(6) Others

(1) Burnable Trash (collected twice a week)

-Food scraps (Kitchen garbage)
-Waste paper
-Wood chips
-Dirty soft plastics
-Cooking oil ~It should be absorbed in newspapers or solidified by a coagulating agent.
-Disposable diaper

(2) Non-burnable Trash(Collected twice a month)

-Metal products
-Rubber/Synthetic resin products
-Plastics (hard, strings, dirty bottles)
-Used clothes/fabrics/fibers
-Ceramic ware and glass products ~ should be wrapped in paper

(3) Recyclable/Reusable Items (Collected twice a month)

・Paper - newspaper-with inserts, boxboard (cardboard), milk carton. ~Place in paper sack or tie them up with crossed string.
・Plastics - food and beverage bottles with PET stamped on the bottle, food tray. ~ Rinse food and beverage residue from containers.
・Glass Bottles, Cans ~ Remove label and do rinse food and beverage residue from containers.
・Used clothes ~Used clothes have to be cleaned or washed with no stains or worm bites and are not shrunk.

(4) Hazardous/Harmful Trash (Collected twice a month)

・Fluorescent light bulbs -Do not put in designated prepaid sacks for non-burnable trash. Put out fluorescent light bulbs in the original wrapping materials on your assigned collection days.
・Blades and glass products should be wrapped in paper and indicated as”キケン(dangerous)”, etc.
・Spray cans should be punctured to release gas.

(5) Large-size trash (Bring to the recycle plaza, or calling for pickup at your door with free of charge.)

~ Futon bed quilts, carpets, furniture, bicycles, etc.

(6) Others

・Air-conditioner, TV set, Refrigerator, Freezer, Washing machine (Bring appliances into retailers.)
・Home-Use Personal Computers (Request collection from the manufacture for your PC.)
☆ Incineration of trash outdoors is prohibited!!

☆Put trash in designated prepared sacks for burnable trash and tie them closed.
Put out the sacks at your assigned collection site on the appropriate day of the week.

☆Designated prepaid sack can be purchased at stores in the Kamisu city. <Burnable Trash> 45L/30L/20L <Non-burnable Trash>45L/30L/20L

☆The rules of waste disposal are slightly different in Kamisu area from in Hasaki area. Please confirm for more details at Haikibutsu Taisaku Ka (Environment Management Division of City Hall), calling 0299-90-1148.

Rules of Daily Life

- Don’t bother the neighbors.  Don’t make lots of noise, such as speak loudly, partying or watching the television loudly especially late at night or early in the morning.

-Don’t put your belongings in public spaces around your apartment, such as stairs and halls. The stairs and halls in the apartment are the important passageway to escape in the emergency situation. Keep the area around your apartment house clean.

-Line up bicycles at the designated place (parking lot for bicycle) near your apartment.

-Park your car in your own parking space.  Don’t park in other peoples' parking lot without permission.

-Do not to damage your rental room or house, otherwise you may have to repair the room or house by your own expense.

Children’s association (kodomokai)

The kodomokai is a self-governing organization for the elementary school children in the neighborhood which occasionally conducts various club activities. Through participating in these activities, children have many opportunities to make friends.

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

A Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a voluntary organization bringing into closer relation the home and the school, that parent and teachers may cooperate in the education and healthy growth of all children.

The activities of the PTA are;
To understand education at school.
To understand education at home.
To prevent delinquency outside of school.
To improve the educational environment in the community.

Community Council ( Chônaikai )

The Chônaikai is a self-governing organization for local residents. The Chonaikai is also called kumi or han depend on the area. Membership fees collected from each resident cover expenses incurred in running these activities.

(1)City Newsletter distribution and circulation of the kairanban (neighborhood memorandums) to diseminate information from the City Office.
(2)Promotion of area activities, such as Bon-odori taikai (summer dance festival), Oshio-Matsuri Festival (fish festival) etc.
(3)Community clean-up, Garbage handling, Trash Separation for Recycling
(4)Crime and Fire prevention activites.

Festival calendar

Date Festival/Event Location
April early Sakura-Matsuri Festival (Cherry blossom festival) Gonoike Ryokuchi Park
May Green Festival Minato Park
July mid to
Aug. mid
Sea bathing Nikkawahama beach
Hasaki beach
July mid Kamisu Mayor’s Cup Hasaki Surfing Festival  
last Sat. & Sun
Minato matsuri Festival
(Port festival)
Onohara shitengai
(Onohara mall)
first Sat. & Sun
Star festival Shitte suzuran-dori
(Shitte suzuran-street)
Aug. 10th Fireworks Festival Gonoike Ryokuchi Park
August late Hasaki Kirasse-Matsuri Festival Sun-sun park (Hasaki Beach)
September mid Hasaki Triathlon Contest Hasaki new Fishing Port and around
October mid Chrysanthemum Festival Kamisu Culture center
October late Industrial Festival Kamisu Culture center
October late to Nov. early Art Festival Kamisu Culture center


City Hall Hours

City Hall is officially open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:15 PM,
except national holidays and Year-end/New Year holidays (December 29 to January 3).

Health Service

The City of Kamisu offers many Health Services Programs for Residents.
If you want the Health services,
please contact Kamisu Health Center tel.0299-90-1331 for more details.

For example;
-Medical Checkups for Residents
Requirements:If you aren't Japanese, proof of residence (Alien Registration Card), National Health Insurance other insurance scheme, being an inhabitant of Kamisu city.
Cost:Free or Small charge

-Health or Dental Checkup for Infants and Children
Requirements: At 4 months, one and a half years, two and three years of age.

-Vaccination [YOBO SESSHU]
Kamisu City is dedicated to preventing illness through the promotion of childhood immunization.

On-demand Taxi

The City launched on-demand, door to door, taxi-bus service from October. Kamisu city is divided into 4 zones. The on-demand taxi can link your house with hospitals, supermarkets, stores, banks, shopping malls, post office, etc. within your zone.

-Requirements: Being an inhabitant of Kamisu city and having fixed telephone or cellular phone

-How to use:
(1) Prior to your reservation for on-demand taxi use, user registration is required.
(2) Pre-book at least 1 hour beforehand to the reservation center calling 0299-90-0061. (Note: Operator is Japanese only!)
(3) You will be picked up at your house and off at your destination.

-Fare: A flat fare of \300 for a single journey. Payment should be made by coupon ticket only.
-Operation Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, except national holidays.
-Contact us: Reservation center: Phone 0299-90-0061.

Membership Information!

What is KIFA?
We support the internationalization of the city through a volunteerism. For example, we have Japanese classes for foreigners and foreign language classes for residents.
We also are promoting many projects, various events, home-visits, host family of home-stay with our sister city in U.S. and issuance of a newsletter. Come and join us!

-Membership Fee: 1,000 yen/Japanese fiscal year (April~)

-Contact us:
Kamisu International Friendship Association
(located in Kamisu Health and Welfare Hall)
Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, except national holidays
Phone: 070-3923-5936
Facsimile: 0299-90-1112
E-mail: toiawase@kifa-global.jp

Download the application(PDF): application(1),application(2)


Japanese classes

(Comprehensive information about programs and services for residents.)

Membership Information!

Alien Registration Number in Kamisu (end of November 2020)

*Population (Kamisu) 95,547
*Alien Registration (Kamisu) 2,558


1.China (555)
2.Philippines (435)
3.Thailand (425)

Data source: Kamisu-city